It’s simple really.

Your business is like an ever-changing, ever-growing (or declining) living organism. Every part of the business effects another, which in time effects the whole. Call it the flow on effect.

Or as we prefer, the ripple effect.

Lift performance in any one area… and what happens? You set off a ripple of positive change across your entire organisation.

That’s why it made sense to build a consultancy that spans the main drivers of your business.

We looked at the logic of it and asked ourselves…

Why not?



We study your business from inside out and outside in. Identify the levers that motivate positive change. Help integrate, align and activate the core drivers.

And then present your story, internally and externally, in an engaging and elevating way.

We believe an organisation is only as strong as its weakest point. That’s why, working with you, our first aim is to isolate the main area, or areas, for improvement.

Then we apply all our experience to turning the situation around.

Time and time again, we’ve seen how one positive change sets of a series of positive shifts across an organisation.

That’s how we help make a difference.



What we do at The Reflective is help our clients create strategic alignment, from process to delivery, from business to brand.

Let’s look at that in more detail.

Growth Strategy

We help our clients discover, build and grow new customer experiences that can change markets and transform business. Through research into human needs and behaviour, we identify new opportunities and convert them into products, services and brands that matter to people. We start with the big question:

How should people experience your brand and what impact can it have in their lives?

Harness the Power of Why
Developing Company Values
Sales and Service Transformation
Operational Reviews and Transformation
Direct Distribution Model Design and Transformation
Contact Centre Design and Transformation

Customer Experience Strategy

Creating a unique customer experience is one of the best ways to achieve sustainable growth. Often it’s the little details customers recall that make a difference. Little details that make them feel good about making the purchase. We focus on identifying exactly who your customer is, what motivates them and how you can demonstrate value in every interaction. By focusing on the customer, the dialogue we design together becomes much more meaningful.

Customer Persona Development
Customer Experience & Journey Mapping
Voice of Customer - Internal & External Analysis
Choosing the Right Metrics (NPS v CES v CSAT)
Designing a Feedback Program
Creating a Customer Centric Culture
Sales and Service Language Development
Customer Sentiment Analysis (Social Listening)

Employee Experience Strategy

Almost every successful company accepts it is in the customer experience business. To fully deliver on this, a well defined and aligned employee experience strategy holds equal weight. Every touch point is a moment of truth that impacts on employee engagement and drives the quality of employee to customer relationships.

When almost 80% of the Australian workforce spend their workdays disengaged, how can you afford to not focus on this area?

Employee Experience Design
Employee Personas
Career Pathways
KPI and Bonus Structures for Success
Employee Capability Recruitment
Team Leader Coaching & Mentoring

Brand Strategy

Together we map out the optimal strategic pathways for your brand. How to make your true brand values come alive. How to position your brand in relation to your competitors. How to capitalise on your real points of difference. How to align your internal brand culture with the consumer’s brand experience.

How to express the difference your product or service makes in people’s lives.

Purpose: Defining your Why.
Establishing Empathy
Developing Brand Values
Crafting your Brand Experience
Brand Culture
Employee Experience
Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

At a certain point, the difference between a great brand and a not-so-great-brand is creativity. How your brand essence is expressed in visual and verbal language. How your brand projects its unique personality to make a lasting connection. How character, style and originality creates impact, empathy and memorability.

All of this and more ensures your brand identity becomes a business advantage.

Brand Audit
Brand Identity
Brand Personality
Brand Narrative
Brand Architecture
Brand Experience
Living the Why

Brand Activation

The question now is how to bring your brand to life. What is the most meaningful way to tell your story.

How to best activate all channels – digital, traditional and original. How to engage all stakeholders, including employees, to buy into, own and reflect your brand. Together we explore a wide range of opportunities and actions – strategic, tactical and executional – and set clear guidelines and benchmarks for performance.

Communications Strategy
Brand Management
Customer Personas
Customer Journeys
Brand Launch
Digital Strategy
Web Design and Development
Print Design
Wayfinding Signage

That’s what we do. Any questions, please just ask.

We’re also happy to offer an initial consultation to discuss your specific challenges and needs.

What have you got to lose?



Potential clients often ask: Are you a business consultant? An employee experience specialist? A branding agency? A process analyst? A designer? A strategist? A customer experience expert?

The simple answer is ‘yes’.

John Stavrakis

John Stavrakis is experienced in all points of the business cycle. For 20 years, he has worked deep inside organisations, in a variety of executive positions, across various industry sectors. John’s many roles encompass business strategy, process analysis, operational design, start-up planning, staff engagement and motivation and customer experience. 

From his studies in behavioural sociology and psychology, John offers rare insight into the drivers of human behaviour.


Maria Stavrakis

Maria has worked in collaboration with organisations for the past 20 years in the design and branding industry, including running her own creative agency ‘Made You Look’. As a branding strategist in communications and design, Maria supports organisations to align their brand with their business objectives.


Put our experience and skills together – as we have in The Reflective – and we span the core disciplines that drive business, internally and externally.

Strategy. Process. Marketing. Sales. Service. Communications. Branding. Employee experience. And customer experience.

So now, instead of hiring any number of consultants, you only need to hire one.

Who could ask for more?



Your office or ours.
On or off site.
Wherever is most convenient.

We’re based at:
Waterman Chadstone
Level 2, UL40/1341 Dandenong Road,
Chadstone, VIC 3148

Contact details:
T: 1300 40 38 30
E: john.stavrakis@thereflective.com.au
E: maria.stavrakis@thereflective.com.au

We’ll leave you to answer the only remaining question.



As you’ve probably noted by now, we aim to challenge the status quo and support positive change.

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