How ripples lead to waves

We can all share stories about the people who have entered our lives at one time or another whose impact was monumental.  We look back and we say “I knew at that moment” or “they shifted my thinking” or “because of them, I am who I am now”.

And even though the change they created was monumental in the trajectory of your career or your personal life, the act they performed was something of pure simplicity, a small droplet in the bigger ocean which was to follow.

For my career, it was a gentleman by the name of Leo Coloca.  Leo is one of those leaders you wish you could become when you first start out.  Intelligent, charismatic, a great communicator and motivator, but more importantly, he instilled a genuine sense of self belief in yourself.  It was never about him. Leo provided me at a very early stage in my career with the clarity and resilience I have carried to this very day, and that advice came from my very first disappointment in gaining a promotion - and his advice was this:

“Be disappointed today, but tomorrow we will all be watching how you respond. Prove we were wrong”.

It was this advice that created a ripple of change in my career and fired up a spirit of resilience which I carry to this very day.

So for that, Leo, I thank you.

I share this story for 2 reasons.

Firstly, I have never really thanked Leo for his guidance and mentorship at the early stages of my career but secondly, in business or career, I see and hear many people looking for that “big event” which will change everything. Usually though, it doesn't work out that way. 

Peter Docker at this year’s conference with Simon Sinek stated, “To be significant, think small”.

Significant change only occurs when you start at the very beginning, when you create the change that filters through all areas of your business or your personal brand. 

Tidal waves do not start at 10 feet tall.

All major events start with a simple ripple.  This initial ripple leads to more ripples, which create waves which are repeated until they become an unstoppable force.

So ask yourself, how are you going to create a ripple? 

John Stavrakis